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2022 Calendar of Events

Our calendar is comprised of:

Recommended ALL CLUB Events (April - October). We would really encourage members to attend a minimum of 4 of the 7 proposed events as they have been carefully chosen to cater for all our athletes. The aim ALL CLUB events is to put into practice what has been learnt during training and to help each athlete grow and achieve their goals.  Importantly it is also about driving team spirit outside the weekly training session. 

Click here to see upcoming events

The South Central Series Events. South Central is one of ten Triathlon England regions that provide an opportunity for young people to race against each other. These races offer a competitive introduction to the sport with the opportunity to claim points towards the regional league standings. It is open to all levels of ability forages 8-16 years. For the more serious athletes, the South central Triathlon team will be selected based on performance at these events. We will send out further information once the details have been confirmed for this year.

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